Benedictine square
ZUM IVO is located in the very heart of Benediktinski Square and offers guests very delicious Mediterranean dishes, mostly fish, prepared with love. Depending on the day and the occasion, you can also eat good lamb, sea-fresh fish and seafood depending on the season and delivery, so we recommend that you contact us for fish and seafood of your choice and for all kinds of occasions. ZUM IVO, based on Mediterranean cuisine, has 32 seats with eight tables inside, while on the covered terrace there are 6 tables with 24 seats.
ZUM IVO for eleven years on Benedikt square.

With the family, we prepare dishes based on Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits, olive oil and red wine. We consider our food a healthy way of eating and recommend it to everyone.

Benedictine market

The Benedictine Market is in fact the center of the city, it serves not only as a point of sale, but also as a communication platform for Klagenfurt. The market is never perfect. The market is alive, fair and good!

From classic simple food to fresh Adriatic fish, here you will find something for every culinary style.

The Benedictine market is the heart of the city and attracts all gourmets who want to shop or eat locally. In addition to our service provided by the professional and friendly staff of ZUM IVO, we also offer that something.

From Neuer to Benedictine Square

Every Thursday and Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. is a big market day. Organic market at the same time on Fridays. From Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Wednesday until 1:45 p.m.) you can walk through the two halls of the Benedictine market and taste gastronomic delicacies.

Perché prepariamo i calamari in tre modi diversi?

In order to please everyone, we have made sure that squid is always available with the possibility of preparing it in three ways. We offer grilled squid, baked squid and ZUM IVO stuffed squid, which are something special.

Fish and seafood

Orada (sea bream)
Branzino (sea bass)
"List" (sole)
Grilled calamari
Baked calamari
Stuffed calamari
"Girice" (anchovies)
Fish on order (anything possible)
Turbot, mussels, scampi

Appetizers and grilled meat 

Cheese board
Prosciutto with cheese
(cheese, olives, olive oil)

(ajvar + onion rings)
Pljeskavica filled
(filled with feta cheese)

Soups and salads

Fish soup + pastries
Fish soup small

Green salad
Mixed salad
Dalmatian salad
(sheep cheese, prosciutto, olives, capers)
Mediterranean salad
(sheep cheese, olives, capers)
Seefood salad

Mettiti in contatto