Mediterranean cuisine

A large number of different species of fish and other sea creatures live in the Adriatic Sea, the names of which could fill an entire encyclopedia. At Bistro ZUM IVO we offer you a wide selection of skilfully cooked fish and seafood dishes, of course the daily menu depends on the procurement of seasonal fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea. In addition to fish, we also offer other dishes mainly based on Mediterranean cuisine.


We present one of the delicious, simple and fine dishes based on shells, namely mussels. Mussels are baked on the buzara in dishes sprinkled with parsley, garlic and dry breadcrumbs, salt and pepper, then wine and olive oil are added. They are cooked on low heat, releasing the juice until the shells open. They are served in their own juice with bread and polenta. In addition to buzara, mussels are also cooked on the grill, when the shells open, we add lemon juice and toast with a glass of good wine. This recipe is an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine and you can order it from us.

Mediterranean food

Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of fish and seafood dishes, vegetables and fruits, olive oil and white or red wine is considered a healthy way of eating according to the recommendations of experts, and Mediterranean cuisine is chosen by those who care about their health.

Boiled fish

Fish on the "lešo" is cooked in water to which olive oil, wine vinegar, onion, bay leaf, small pepper and salt have been added. When the fish is soft, serve it on plates with the addition of Swiss chard or potatoes on the carcass, sprinkle with chopped parsley and pour over a little oil and broth.

Spaghetti with seafood

Seafood Spaghetti, a delicious, decadent pasta dish that's full of mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops and squid. The seafood is cooked in layers to add flavor while cooking and to keep the different types of seafood from overcooking in this deliciously simple dinner!


The Benedictine market in Klagenfurt attracts many. Not only nutritionally aware, local tasters, but also many from Italy and Slovenia, who give the market of the Alps-Adriatic region a special touch. Refresh yourself in Bistro ZUM IVO with a glass of good wine from the Adriatic.


Klagenfurt is known for its historic old town, which is one of the most beautiful in Carinthia and Austria. The city offers its visitors plenty of sights. After the tour, discover other interesting things in Klagenfurt, stop somewhere and refresh yourself. Every day, chef Ivo takes care of his guests in his bistro ZUM IVO and prepares Mediterranean dishes based mainly on fish.


Wörthersee is the largest lake in Carinthia, and due to its climatic position, it is one of the warmest alpine lakes. The place is an ideal stopover for numerous local and foreign tourists. Not far from the lake is Europa Park and the famous Minimundus. You can refresh yourself and eat good food in several restaurants located around the lake or simply stop by us on Benedictine Square. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 08:00 to 17:00 and we offer a large selection of fish and seafood and quality wine from Croatia at affordable prices.

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